Anti shatter films dubai

Anti shatter films Dubai also known as “Blast Mitigation” films are one of the blessing from many angles. It prevents the surfaces from cuts and has a positive effect on the sensitivity of the surface. The anti shatter films Dubai is one of the highest possible security measure since it can reduce the effects of the flying glass particles effect even if a blast occurs in the premises. The flying glass shards may increase the causality due to injuries created by sudden hits from the shards. The anti shatter films Dubai also known as the blast mitigation film helps to safeguard your life, property and reduce the effects of casualties considerably during blasts, earthquakes, natural disasters and civil disturbances. The anti shatter films Dubai can be fitted to any surface of you building. The anti shatter films also provides an invisible layer on the glass surface. The powerful pressure protection provided by the usage of powerful adhesives used during the installation of anti shatter films Dubai formulate a binding effect of glass shards together in the occasion of breakages.  While the elasticity and the strength of anti shatter film Dubai is combined together it enhances the security and safety of the location. The advantages of using anti shatter films Dubai are summarized as follows:-

Anti shatter film Dubai
Anti shatter film Dubai


Anti shatter films Dubai – Surface protection

The anti shatter films Dubai has the capability to protect the surface against cuts and breakages.  The anti shatter films Dubai are known for their extreme capabilities of holding the glass pieces together in a strongest possible way so that the effect on the event such as earthquake will be very positive. More than 95 percent of the harmful infra red rays are rejected by the anti shatter films Dubai.

Anti shatter films Dubai - Sensitivity element

The Anti shatter films Dubai are always capable of maintaining the sensitivity of the surface where the film is employed. The adhesive used to bind the anti shatter films Dubai to its base surface are perfectly pressure sensitive. This feature ensures that the film base is very strongly held towards the base surface.

Anti shatter films Dubai – Reduces flying glass effects

 The anti shatter films Dubai is very effective in holding the broken glass pieces together. In the event of natural calamities like the earth quake or civil riots or explosion in the premises, these features ensure that no sharp glass pieces fly thru the air causing damage to life and property. The anti shatter films Dubai has a proven track record in preventing damages during unexpected explosion like incidents that occurs near the window glass objects where the film is applied.

Anti shatter films Dubai – Blast mitigation protection

 Anti shatter films Dubai has the extra ordinary capability of reducing the calamities during the bomb blast and other explosion that happened near the film employed glass surfaces. Instead of shelling of the broken glass pieces the strong adhesive that is used between the anti shatter films Dubai and the glass base keep the broken objects together and reduce the impact of the blast.

Anti shatter films Dubai – Fits on any surface

Though the Anti shatter films Dubai is basically designed to best fit on glass surfaces it can still fit best on any smooth surfaces similar to the glass. Due to this quality the anti shatter films Dubai can easily be installed on the building walls and premises very easily. The capability of anti shatter films Dubai to fit on any smooth surface make it an irresistible choice to interior decorators in Dubai. The strongest adhesive base that is employed to cling the film to its surface offer a long lasting feature to the window films.

Anti shatter films Dubai - Enhances security:

 The anti shatter films Dubai offers a protection from security threats that is generated due to the unwanted visibility that is created by the glass partitions. This will respond very conveniently to the lighting effects and offers a vision protection to the inner areas which requires extreme privacy. At the same time the anti shatter films Dubai offers vision from inside to outside in a proper and desired way.

Anti shatter films Dubai – Prevent UV Rays

The anti shatter films Dubai also over 99% of Ultra violet rays that may cause problems to your vision. UV rays can also damage the eyes as more than 99% of UV radiation is absorbed by the front of the eyes. Corneal damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration are all possible chronic effects from UV exposure and can ultimately lead to blindness. Melanoma, a type of skin cancer, can also develop within the eye. The anti shatter films Dubai prevent more than 95% of the effect of UV Rays by preventing it from entering your premises

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