Frosted film dubai

frosted film dubai and frosted films dubai

Frosted film Dubai : Frosted films are highly user friendly and preferable than any alternatives in dubai. This films apply self adhesive vinyl and very easy to handle on every glass surface. it is highly suitable for windows, mirrors, doors and it renders the glass clear opaque. Frosted films are not only suitable for your privacy but also update the interior views.

Main usage of Frosted film Dubai

Frosted film can work on all types of smooth glass surfaces and on glazed surfaces, eighter in offices or in kitchens and bathrooms etc. if anybody is looking a temporary need they can go for static cling frosted films which don’t have strong adhesives. In Dubai, Basically this films are ideal for your indoor applications, rather than outer spaces (There it has short life span) . The decorative window films are also available to satisfy with your artistic choices and your dreams on designs etc. The correct application of this type of frosted films leads to the long life of the it. Frosted film Dubai ensure total privacy during the night, even all the lights are on.

Decorative frosted films Dubai

Decorative frosted films can be used beautify your home or office in the way you like and also according to your mood and taste. Frosted films in dubai can be used with partitions, doors, windows, side panels, both indoors and outdoors. They are very easy to cut in any shape suitable for making company logos or any outline as one wish. Again this frosted films save the fixing time also. It is very easy to fix and install. Our frosted window films and decorative films are widely used in Dubai for offices, IT Firms, Restaurants, hotel and resorts, retail showrooms, Jewellery Shops, Schools, Colleges, big Hospitals and residential apartments etc. No other alternatives are available to replace this type of product. In Dubai frosted films are available in M/s Medar associates LLC