Sand blasted films Dubai

Sand blasted films Dubai is a unique quality film that is supplied and used by Medar LLC. There are a lot of remarkable unique features that make them your best choice for application on your interiors. Highly configurable opacity and easy in maintenance are some of the key features of Sand blasted films Dubai. There are transparent and non-transparent sand blasted films available.  The opacity is available in all the three scales i.e. light, medium and high. The sand blasted films Dubai are highly washable and hence it can be kept with a clean outlook always. The sand blasted films Dubai offers exact look of the sand blasted glass.  Shower room doors, glass windows, glass partitions will have a very exotic look while the sand blasted film Dubai is applied on it. It offers a perfect scale of privacy.  The sand blasted film Dubai is one of the major cost-effective solution to the interior and exterior furnishing requirements.

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Sand blasted films Dubai – Total Privacy:

Sand blasted film Dubai offers a very high amount of privacy of the area which is covered with the installation. The areas such as bath rooms and private cabins are best benefited with the quality of the sand blasted film Dubai coverage. Apart from offering the desired level of privacy the sand blasted film Dubai has other multiple advantages. Heat control feature of the film results in reduced air conditioning requirement in the covered area. This is also true in case of providing the lighting arrangements inside the area that is covered with the sand blasted films Dubai.

Sand blasted films Dubai – Cost effective solution:

Cost wise Sand blasted films Dubai is one of the best option for the covering of glassed partition, walls, windows and doors. As the sand blasted films Dubai comes in affordable price and with variety of selection of design options and color shades it is the most cost effective solution for your interior glass protection mechanism and privacy protection. Due to the extremely high quality of the adhesives used the sand blasted films offer a safety solution also. In the event of natural calamities and social disturbances such as riots etc the sand blasted films Dubai act as a protection mechanism by holding the glass pieces firmly with the film and thereby reducing the impact to the minimum. The sand blasting films also result in a massive reduction of the energy charges due to its temperature control mechanism and lighting control capabilities.

Sand blasted films Dubai – Simple and effective:

The Sand blasted film Dubai is very simple to install and maintain. With a very minimum skill the film can be installed on the glassed partitions, doors, windows and cabin partitions. As the only maintenance required is to just wipe with cotton and some simple soapy solution it can be done on a regular basis. This ensures the effective look on the applied surfaces of the sand blasted films Dubai.

Benefits of Sand blasted films Dubai: 

The sand blasted films Dubai has the following advantageous and benefits:-

  • Easy to apply the film on the surface
  • Minimal lighting requirements are sufficient
  • Very versatile
  • The film is re-positionable
  • Highest durability
  • High flexibility enables the usage on curved surfaces
  • Fast exposure
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Simple installation
  • Cost effective solution


The sand blasted films Dubai is the best viable solution to the interior of the home and offices.

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