Residential Sun Control Window Films – Dubai

residential sun control window films dubai

Our Sun control window films can be used on any glass surfaces of buildings. It is equally suitable for widows of residential and commercial complexes.

Sun control window films cater to wide range of customer requirements. Safety, Privacy, decrease in glare, Heat rejection and good looks, all these requirements easily can be met using Medar’s (Medar Associates, Dubai) sun control window films.

Wide range of Sun control window films are available for Residential, Commercial and marine Use.

The sun control range includes
1. Reflective
2. Non Reflective
3. High performance

Sun Control Films Highlights

  • Protects from Harmful Ultra violet Rays
  • Reduces fading on furnishing and flooring
  • Lowers your energy Cost on AC
  • Prevents solar radiation
  • Rejects extreme heat
  • Eliminates glares on Television and computers
  • Makes even temperature
  • Guards your privacy
  • Provides safety